Nurturing an ecosystem to facilitate construction technology transition and finding solutions for India's sustainable housing of the future

Precast India Summit 2019

With US $2.85 trillion GDP, India is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. It is witnessing massive public investment, robust private consumption, and structural reforms leading to rapid growth (> 7%). However, the speed of urbanization poses an unprecedented challenge for the construction industry. The 12th Plan Working Group on Financing Urban Infrastructure estimated the urban housing shortage in the country at about 29 million units. The demand for affordable housing is likely to rise from 25 million households to more than 38 million units by 2030, by when the urban population is likely to surge to 600 million. Cities, which will contribute over 80% to GDP by 2050, need to be Receptive, Innovative and Productive to foster sustainable growth and ensure better quality of living.

For addressing the huge housing demand in Affordable Sector, Govt. of India launched Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban in June 2015. Construction in India is emerging as the third largest sector, it may reach US $750 billion in value by 2022. With the introduction of RERA the demand for timely delivery of projects and affordable housing, there is a gradual shift to precast building technology, and it is rapidly gaining a foothold in the Indian market.

The Precast India Summit will focus on the development of Indian precast market and also address challenges such as quality control, skilled labour, carbon free construction, safety and rigidity of precast structures. The summit is a platform to get all the stakeholders together to deliberate not only on speeding up construction work and reduces costs but also enhances the quality of the final output.



  • Design Implementation - Precast high-rise residential projects in India
  • Overcoming the challenge of skilled labour for modular and precast construction Industry
  • Contractor Management - Maximise your contractual benefits and safeguard the interest of the project
  • Utilising ultra-high-performance concrete with compressive strengths to allow for thinner, lighter precast elements
  • Auditing and inspection of modular and precast buildings
  • Imagineering customised site-based captive consumption factories for adopting precast technology for large scale mass housing projects


  • Acquiring the knowledge on making precast and modular construction as a cost-effective project
  • Setting forth the mindset of going towards higher productivity and moving forward to construction developments
  • Learning the benefits of gaining indirect profits and revenue from precast and modular projects
  • Discussing the significance of lack of skilled labour for precast and modular construction and finding technological solutions to answer these problems
  • Exploring what next in construction technology and ways to reduce cost and time on projects


  • Functional heads of:
    • Precast
    • R&D
    • Engineering
    • Architecture
    • Project Management
    • Design, Technology & Fabrication
    • Operations
    • Contracts
    • Commercial, Procurement & Sourcing

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